Active NorCal Magazine Issue #13

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Issue #13 of the Active NorCal Magazine was released in January 2024, featuring a ton of adventures in Northern California. 

Here are all the features from the issue:

The “Old Faithful” Geyser of Northern California

Did you know that Northern California has its version of Old Faithful? It’s an under-the-radar destination that will have you thinking you’re in Yellowstone. We’ll outline how to see the beautiful geologic attraction.

How to Explore the Tallest Trees in the World

Redwood trees grow almost exclusively in Northern California. We outline the best way to see the world’s tallest trees from the Bay Area to the Oregon border.

7 Winter Hikes Near Mount Shasta

When the winter arrives in Mount Shasta, many people ditch their hiking boots for skis, snowboards, and sleds. But hiking is still an awesome option in the winter and you might be able to see the most popular destinations with no one else around.

Experience the Hot Springs of Mammoth

The Mammoth Lakes region is home to some of the most beautiful wild hot springs in California. We’ll give you a complete guide on how to find them and what you’ll need for your relaxing adventure.

A Complete Guide to Yosemite in the Winter

When the sun comes out for the spring and summer seasons, crowds typically flock to Yosemite National Park. But visiting in the winter, with the famed rock formations covered in snow, can give you a unique experience without the typical crowds. We’ll dive deep into the best ways to see the park during the winter.

A Complete Guide to Skiing Resorts in Tahoe

Let’s face it – we’re incredibly spoiled by living so close to the mountains of Tahoe. They are incredible to visit in the summer, but for some adventure seekers, there’s nothing like hitting the Tahoe slopes when they’re covered in snow. We’ll outline our favorite mountains in the Tahoe area, along with tips for newbies and great places for apres ski.

How to Go Whale Watching in Northern California

From January through April, grey whales embark on their annual migration north, giving coastal areas of Northern California the unique ability to see these beautiful creatures up close. We’ll outline when and where to see these amazing animals, along with some adventures that can safely get you up close with them.

Abandoned Destinations in Northern California and How to Explore Them

Sometimes, you come across some manmade objects that might ruin your outdoor adventure. Sometimes, those manmade objects make the adventure even better. We discuss the beautiful abandoned destinations that make for a great, and sometimes spooky, trip in NorCal.